Deconfinement and resumption of sport

After this troubled and sad period of confinement, from today May 11, 2020, the date of deconfinement, the big cats will be released, whether or not they have interrupted their sports practices. The resumption of sport must, therefore, be done gradually.

The first mistake would be to want to make up for lost time which, as everyone knows, can never be made up, at least not in sport.

Consequences linked to containment

In addition, we will have to adapt to new situations due to new circumstances:

  • Weight gain (2.5 kg on average during this period at home). Not to mention an unbalanced diet including unusual intake of sweets, snacking because the fridge and cupboards are more accessible in telework than in the office. To this is added, also, the Skype aperitifs (you have to console yourself and continue to have a social life). In this regard, the bottle of Bordeaux that we share on the screen with friends, we drink it alone or in pairs, confinement obliges.
  • Stiffness due to a sedentary lifestyle making your body more susceptible to tendonitis and muscle damage.
  • The new, very legitimate habits of wearing a mask, which must however be interrupted during the sports session. It is the cause of shortness of breath, so no mask during exercise but respect for distances.
  • The absence of care for minor sores that have taken a back seat and chronic injuries except for Dr Sport users  who have taken care of themselves.

Deconfinement and resumption of sport 

Several possibilities exist, on this first day of deconfinement and resumption of sport:

  1. You have unfortunately been  contaminated by covid-19, or think you have contracted it because you have the signs (fever, cough, loss of taste, smell, etc.). You were hospitalized or the tests came back positive. In this case the resumption of sport will only be possible after the signs have completely disappeared. And only when your doctor has deemed it possible. Thus, even if cardiac attacks are rare, the opportunity of a specialized consultation with a cardiologist can prove to be useful. For example to carry out additional examinations before resuming sport. And this even if the recommendations vary and are not very clear in the field.
  2. You have not practiced any sport during the last two months. It is then necessary to plan therefore approximately the same period for your re-athletics or your re-training to the effort, even your relearning of the sporting gestures. In any case at least four to six weeks for those in good physical condition. Weeks in which you will train at 80% of your maximum heart rate, which can be estimated as 80% of 220 minus your age. For example, for a 50 year old man 80% of [220 – 50] = 170 so about 140 per minute.
  3. Finally if you practiced during confinement, it all depends on where you go and what you did during these two months, but some rules are still valid.

Precautions to take when resuming sport

It is time for deconfinement, but the resumption of sport must, however, be supervised.

  • Recovery should be gradual. It must be done in stages, once or twice a week at the start, spaced out by a minimum of three days, with shorter distances and lighter loads.
  • The warm -up should be longer and more careful. At the end of which you will not be out of breath or tired, but you should simply feel a warm sensation .
  • Get used to having a good diet . Based on vegetables and fruits (which you will eat with the skin), spices, dairy products, rapeseed oil, nuts, soya, oilseeds (almond nuts). Power is the fuel for the engine . The healthier and better quality it is, the better the machine will work.
  • Return to a normal sleep pattern , perhaps with a nap.
  • Stretch 15 minutes after exercise, not before. All this by inhaling when tensioning and exhaling for 10 seconds when releasing. Repeat for 10 minutes in total.
  • Check your equipment : shoes, tennis racket, string, quality of the balls, bike adjustment…
  • Consult in case of pain and / or injuries without fear of disturbing or being contaminated by the coronavirus.
  • Given the approaching summer period, remember to stay hydrated, wear a cap, coat yourself with sunscreen, protect yourself from ticks.

Deconfinement conditions

Finally, remember that only individual sports practice outdoors will be authorized, that is to say walking, jogging, cycling, golf, and tennis… under certain conditions. No combat or contact sports or team sports.

Above all, listen to your body, right now even more. Suspend training in case of temperature, chest pain, shortness of breath or abnormal cough, loss of taste or smell, palpitations, abnormal body aches, chills, rhinitis, diarrhea, loss of vision, rash, frostbite, headache.