how to become a business developer

Business Developer job

If in traditional sales methods, salespeople took care of the sales cycle from A to Z, moving from prospecting to qualifying prospects, then to commercial negotiation and customer portfolio management, a new trend is revolutionizing sales and trade for several years: the specialization of sales teams. This new paradigm sees the emergence of new professions of which the Business Developer is an essential link. Discover the profession in detail: mission, training, recruitment, retraining.

What is a Business Developer?

The Business Developer should not be confused with a traditional salesperson. Its role is extremely broad, ranging from the identification of new markets and interesting partners, to lead generation strategies, through participation in the design and implementation of a long and short term business strategy.

As the name suggests, this professional must develop solutions or projects likely to have a positive impact on turnover.

The business developer is also in charge of acquiring leads and converting them into customers. To do this, he actively collaborates with the marketing team and sales representatives.

The Business Developer’s mission is therefore to find new growth levers for a company and to apply them, but not to sell directly. He will therefore ensure that all operations run smoothly.

Business Developer tasks

  • Analyze the situation of the company and list its weaknesses;
  • Study and follow the competition and the sector of activity;
  • Identify new growth levers (products, markets, investments, etc.)
  • Approach new customers and partners;
  • Determine a commercial strategy;
  • Communicate the development plan internally;
  • Supervise the application of its recommendations;
  • Customer loyalty.

Where does the Business Developer work?

Within a company, the business developer necessarily works in conjunction with many other departments of the company: sales, marketing, communication, legal, accounting, etc.

The Business Developer works mainly in organizations with a commercial department of a certain size, therefore essentially very large companies or large groups in all sectors of activity. However, more and more smaller structures call on this professional to better understand their needs and the means to develop.

Trends in the profession

This position is certainly relatively new on the job market, but recruitment offers are growing. Candidates for retraining who would opt for this course thus offer themselves a bright future.

Qualifications required to become a Business Developer

The candidate for the position of business developer must have several essential qualities for the exercise of this profession.

First of all, the Business developer completely masters the business world and has a strong commercial fiber. Indeed, studying markets, developing prospecting tools, performing sales-related tasks are all tasks that require real sales talent.

Then, a good business developer must show team spirit and charisma because he is required to pilot a project and manage a certain number of people to carry out the projects.

Contact-based profession, certain personal qualities are also essential such as good contact with customers and a strong team spirit because he always works with many collaborators.

Proficiency in foreign languages ​​is also essential, English being of course the minimum required by employers.

Training to become a Business Developer

To become a business developer, at present, there is no compulsory course to follow but the follow-up of a training course is strongly recommended. Several solutions are available to you, accessible both in the context of initial training and in that of continuing education, allowing easy professional retraining as a Business Developer.

Initial Training

To pursue a career in this profession, the best way to achieve this is to have completed training in a business school, level Bac +3 or Bac + 5. There are a small number of university courses that prepare specifically for this job. These specialized courses are found in business schools.

Tray 3

To access the Business Developer function, it is possible to go through a pro license or certain specialized business schools, such as EGC, ACI or IFV, is a plus.

Bac +5

To access senior management positions, a bac+5 level (business school or master pro) is recommended.

Continuing education

As part of a professional reorientation, it is possible to become a Business Developer through adult training since training centers offer to train you either remotely or face-to-face.

Possible evolutions of the Business Developer

Given that the position of business developer is already relatively high in the ranks, the opportunities for development are quite limited. His progression therefore consists mainly in changing employers to aim for a larger organization, and thus gain in responsibilities/salary expectations, or even become a sales manager.

Salary of a Business Developer

The remuneration of a Business Developer evolves with his seniority, the size of the company that employs him but also of his results like all salespeople.

At the beginning of his career, this professional turns around 2900€ monthly. This salary will increase significantly with experience until it reaches an average of 4000€ per month.